“For my teaching style, I highly encourage the natural use of the body. This will release all tension which is discouraged during playing. Tension may lead to injury if not corrected. In fact, I once suffered from tension during practicing piano. During my master’s program at Central Michigan University, my teacher Alexandra Mascolo-David taught me the Taubman Approach to release all of this tension. I wish I could have had a teacher earlier to teach me these methods.


That is why I highly recommend students to use the weight of their arms and fingers to release any unnecessary tension. My teaching is also supported by the Alexander Technique which not only applies to piano but also for everything in life, including back aches, stiff necks, and shoulder pain.


Technique and musicality complete each other. Without good technique, it is not possible to convey the music. But we must not fall in the trap to pursue flawless techniques. All music needs to have emotion and feelings. It has to sound natural, not artificial nor hollow. In my teaching, I always want the students to feel the phrases, the sections, and to have a singing  voice. Our body is the most natural instrument, and we must follow what our voice leads to.


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Dr. Chu’s students have achieved numerous I-ratings at Solo & Ensemble and have went on to State Solo & Ensemble to perform at high levels. She has taught several students who have advanced their musical journey into universities and professional careers, choosing to dedicate their lives to music.