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Wendy Chu, Pianist

❝All music needs to have emotion and feelings. It has to sound natural, not artificial nor hollow.❞

– Wendy Chu

Dr. Wendy Chu is an accomplished pianist who has an insatiable appetite for classical music. Her love for the art is felt by those who hear her perform as well as those who she teaches. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) from Michigan State University and is the former President of the Mid-Michigan Music Teachers Association.

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Powerful Performances

Wendy often performs works from various composers including Liszt, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Ravel, Mussorgsky, Gershwin, and many other composers.  Her performances are powerful and creatively imagined.

Strong Teaching Foundations

With a great background from several amazing teachers including Mr. Ralph Votapek, Mr. Panayis Lyras, and Mrs. Alexandra Mascolo-David, Dr. Wendy Chu has developed strong foundations for teaching others.

Creative Collaborations

Musical collaborations are important for Chu, which include an extensive history of working together with top musicians such as Dr. James Fiste, Dr. Gerald Case-Blanchard, Dr. Yu-Hsuan Yang, and Jeanne Hanley Thelen.

KeyboardFest and SAT

As the former president of the Mid-Michigan Music Teachers Association and current member of both MMTA and MNTA, Chu often sends her students to fun events like the annual KeyboardFest and encourages them to participate in programs such as Student Achievement Testing.

Sensitive Accompaniment

Wendy has accompanied numerous students of band and string instruments in a variety of settings including Solo and Ensemble, senior recitals, and full student recitals.  The feedback is always the same – she is an extremely sensitive accompanist and allows the musician to freely express themselves by following their lead.

Pianist for Any Occasion

Dr. Wendy Chu is available to be hired for any occasion whether it is for weddings, series concerts, or holiday events. Please fill out the contact form as soon as possible to book your piano services!


What People are Saying

Ignited my passion in classical piano for life!

“Other than being a great teacher, she is also an exceptionally talented pianist, inspiring many other musicians. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in taking tuition in piano lessons.”

Google Review

Transformed our daughter to be very good pianist

Ms Wendy is wonderful person, herself is very graceful pianist. Strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn good techniques.

Google Review

“Chu and Yang hit all the right keys”

Great performance by Wendy Chu and Yu-Hsuan Yang!

Valley Vanguard

Chopin: Ballade No.1

“Very nicely played with feeling and not too much rubato. Sensitive pedal; glad to hear this so well done. It is one of my favorites (and the world’s of course).”

YouTube Comment

“Played so softly at the beginning but then shake your heart and head to the beat of the notes, I loved how you played it. Thank you so much”

YouTube Comment

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