Hello World, 

Happy New Year! 🥳

We had a great holiday break. Took the children to Boyne Mountain for our first real ski trip. The girls tried snowboarding and did really well after two days of practice. My son, Mike, and I skied, but of course they are much better than me. I managed not to fall on the bunny hill after two days. 😂 

I tried to relax more on the ski which reminds me of playing the piano. The more tense you are, the worse you will play. It applies to every sport. 

Although our ginger bread houses were delayed because of the trip, Audrey and I still had fun making the “toy shop” and the “bakery”. 

Life is about making beautiful memories along the journey. I hope you have a great 2024! I am ready to make more music and teach more students. 

Ciao Ciao!