Hello world,

How have your been?

May 6, 2023 marked an important day in my life. Through the generosity of the harpsichord builder, Knight Vernon, I have the privilege to use his “Big Red” in my studio. What an honor this was!

I learned how to play the harpsichord with Dr. Steven Egler while I was in the master’s program. It allows me to understand more about the Baroque period music and even helped with my piano playing. Although one cannot make dynamics on the harpsichord, we can use articulation, ornaments, texture, and most importantly, timing, to express the music. I have become more creative through the study of the harpsichord. It felt terrific! In addition, the sound is so delicate. We can really hear how to start and end a note, which makes my playing more sensitive. I wish more people will play it. Mr. Vernon’s instrument certainly sparked some interest in my studio. Even my young students enjoy the sound. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Vernon around. Thank you so much!!