Hello world,

I hope you are all doing well during this unprecedented time. For the past five months, I have been through many emotions. Fear, anxiety, happiness, sadness, and relief were among them. I realized what the most important thing is in life, which is health. Without health, there is nothing we can do. 

Because the schools were closed, I have had more time to do different things. I found new recipes and tried out many foods. I walked my dog in the afternoon while my son rode his bike. We shared stories and thoughts during the walk. My daughters and I followed a workout plan and exercised together for more than 10 weeks. It was a time well spent. I actually liked the quarantine. Afterwards, I start to do online yoga. This is my first time to do it for a long period of time. I am loving it! It gives me the feeling of relaxation yet I am building the core and getting stronger. I can also relate it to piano playing. We have to know which part of the fingers/arms/body that we are using and also have to know which part to relax.

Playing the piano is like doing a sport. We need to use the body efficiently. We also need to let our weight sink into the keys, just like we release our weight into the yoga mat. This is a new discovery for me and my body is addicted to the feeling after doing yoga. I feel fortunate that I can do many wonderful things during the quarantine time. Hope you are enjoying the little sweet things in life as well. Namaste